The Project

Nice Guys Finish First

  • Do you find yourself lacking confidence to meet new people?
  • When you go to a party or gathering, do you find yourself holding up a wall instead of a conversation?
  • Have you ever wanted to talk to that pretty girl that you always see at the store but never know what to say?

My name’s Mitch (aka JohneyRockets) and my partner in all of this is Gavin (aka Klondike). We both had awakenings or epiphanies in our lives that brought us to a point that we wanted a change. We both wanted to improve ourselves socially, and with my experiences and his knowledge and research, we pooled together our resources and created Nice Guys Finish First.

Nice Guys Finish First started as a book idea that I wanted to write to help socially stunted and awkward guys to come out of their shell, strengthen their confidence, and broaden their horizons. At around the same time, Gavin had been doing a ton of research and work on himself in social interactions for a few years, but never had someone to come along with him and test what he learned. After talking with him on the idea, he immediately jumped on board and, together, we hashed out where we wanted to go with this project.

Honestly, the biggest motivating factor to start for both of us, was that we wanted to be better with women. We had both held successful relationships in the past, but we felt as though we had lucked into them, more than made a conscious decision. We wanted to stop being so reactive and become more proactive in our lives; instead of waiting for the stars to align and opportunities to come to us, we wanted to have the tools to seek out and create them ourselves.

So Gavin, with a few things thrown in from me as well, started researching the information that was out there, and we were appalled at what we came back with. We found all these websites, articles, and eBooks with titles like, “Say These 3 Things and Get in Her Pants” or “Here’s Why You’re not Getting Laid” and it started to make us wonder if it really was possible to be a nice guy and get the girl, like so many books and movies have shown us. Or does the old saying really die hard, “Nice Guys Finish Last”?

Unwilling to accept that possibility, “Nice Guys Finish First” was born. We started grabbing all kinds of resources, both good and bad, because in order to change something you first have to know, IF it works, HOW it works, and WHY it works. Because we aren’t about to give advice to help someone, that we haven’t taken ourselves, we went out and started testing much of what we have found. We slowly started to analyze what was there, stripped away all of the bullshit, and are now bringing to light what really matters. I love how Gavin puts it, we aren’t redefining the information, we are reimagining it.

We hope that the information we share can help everyone, but if we did have a focus it would be the shy, socially awkward, nerdy kind of guy. We used to be that guy, and that’s who we can relate to the most. If you’ve ever taken the time to notice, you’ll see that the typical nerdy guy isn’t just awkward around girls, it’s a bit more than that. They are awkward around people in general. And who can blame them? In this day and age, modern technology like social media and video games have made everyone a bit antisocial on some scale.

We aren’t experts by any means, just two guys tired of hearing and reading that you have to be a shyster in order to get ahead in life, or you have to be a complete tool or douche bag in order to get the girl. Dating advice, conversations, friendships, relationships, goal setting, and leadership; these are things we are testing and doing the footwork for and we want to spread what we find with those that want to better themselves and are just looking for where to start. By building your confidence and working that social muscle, it can effect several parts of your life in big ways. So far for both of us, bettering ourselves socially has brought us tighter bonds with our family, deeper connections with our friends, helped us provide solid teamwork and fewer problems at our jobs and in school, and (of course) has brought us success in the dating world. Nice guys do finish first and we are here to prove it!